The Glass Slipper slot

The Glass Slipper Slot

If you love a good Cinderella story and want to be a part of your own rags-to-riches slots story, Glass Slipper by KA Gaming is a beautifully designed 5-reel, 20-payline, online-available video slot. This slot machine is packed with bonus features as well as wilds, scatters and progressive jackpot.

The game KA GAming also uses unbeatable 3D graphics and the fast gameplay and impressive intro video make this top slot one of the best fairy themed slots currently available. The bonus rounds are numerous and challenging, perfect for the Cinderella theme.


There is no doubt that this beautiful slot is based on Cinderella, a classic fairy tale that has been told for generations. Cinderella, known as Cindy in the Glass Slipper slot, really wants to go to the prince’s ball. Her dream comes true thanks to her fairy godmother. In keeping with the theme, the game features many bonus features and symbols from history such as the Ugly Stepsisters, Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, Aquarius, Cinderella, Shiny Shoes, Pigeon and Glass. Slippers logo. Other symbols you will see on the reels are playing card values from ace to 10.

The background of the game is a well-drawn medieval scene, and you’ll find Cindy in her work clothes standing next to the reels. The sounds are as realistic as possible and give the game a farm-style feel, as you can hear birds chirping, cows bellowing and roosters crowing, in addition to other animal sounds. At the far end is the castle where the ball is tonight.


The autoplay feature is a useful tool when you need to get away from your computer. Pre-bet on 99 automatic spins in both normal mode and bonus mode.


The glass slipper has a wild feature that is clearly marked as wild and substitutes for all line symbols except the jackpot symbol. Three wild symbols will yield 100 coins; 4 wilds, 1000 coins; and 5 wilds on the line will bring 5000 coins. Place 5 Jackpot symbols on a line and win the progressive jackpot.

The bucket appearing on reel 5 triggers the Spring Cleaning bonus round. In this tour, you will need to help Cindy clean the windows. Each clear window will bring you a cash reward. However, breaking the window will end the bonus round, so be careful.

The Super Wild bonus round is triggered by white doves that appear on reel 5. Pigeons will fly over the reels and turn into Super Wilds for up to 5 symbols. This excludes scatter and jackpot symbols.

The Fairy Goddess appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5 triggers Magic Free Spins. Each Magic Free Spin advances time, and it’s your job to help Cindy get to Prince’s Ball before midnight. Magic Free Spins ends when the clock strikes 12. In order for Cindy to go to the prom, you need to get the Glass Slippers, the Pumpkin and the Ball Gown. You can win up to 50 free spins during the Magic Free Spins round.

All the magic happens in the Grand Ball bonus event. You will have the opportunity to watch Cindy dance with her prince, at which point you must quickly choose her dance moves. Dance moves will earn you cash prizes. Also, the time you get for the Grand Ball bonus will depend on how much time you spend during the Magic Free Spins. Watch out for Fairy Lady, because she can turn back time and give you more time to earn money.


The game uses a fixed format with 20 paylines and coin values range from 0.01 to 25. The maximum bet you can place on all paylines is 500. The jackpot is progressive, meaning it increases on every free spin by all slot players. a game.

4 thoughts on “The Glass Slipper slot”

  1. “The Glass Slipper” is an online slot game developed by KA Gaming. It is based on the classic fairy tale of Cinderella and features a variety of symbols including Cinderella, the prince, the fairy godmother, and the glass slipper. The game includes multiple bonus features such as the Super Wild bonus, the Spring Clean bonus, and the Grand Ball bonus, all of which can lead to big payouts. The graphics and sound effects are well-done and add to the overall enjoyable gaming experience. If you’re a fan of fairy tales and online slots, “The Glass Slipper” is definitely worth checking out.

  2. The Glass Slipper slot is a fairy-tale themed game with 5 reels and 20 paylines, developed by Ash Gaming. The game features symbols like the prince, the fairy godmother, and the glass slipper, as well as bonus features like a pick-and-click game, a free spins round, and a progressive jackpot. The graphics and animations are well-designed, and the bonus features offer the potential for big wins. Overall, it’s a fun and engaging slot game for fans of fairy tales and traditional slots.

  3. The Glass Slipper slot is a visually stunning game that is based on the classic Cinderella fairytale. With its engaging storyline, beautiful graphics, and exciting bonus features, this game is sure to captivate players of all ages. The bonus features, including the Fairy Godmother bonus and the Prince Charming bonus, offer plenty of opportunities to win big prizes. Overall, The Glass Slipper is a must-play slot game for fans of fairytale-themed slots.

  4. “The Glass Slipper” is an online slot game developed by KA Gaming. It features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines, and is based on the classic fairy tale of Cinderella. The game includes various special features such as a progressive jackpot, a bonus game, and free spins.

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